Expedition Overview

The Fading Bloodlines expedition team has made several trips deep into remote regions of Chin and Rakhine states of Myanmar, areas where no post-colonial government surveys or mapping has taken place. These time-locked states house small populations of these tattooed women whose lives were once threatened to the point that this cultural tradition of facial tattooing is literally a couple decades from extinction.

The remoteness, absence of roads, and its unavailability to tourists, has kept the area undisturbed by development, and ripe for exploration and discovery. In November 2016 and March 2017 a passionate and skilled team of adventurers embarked on the first cultural censes and mapping expedition of its kind. They trekked, biked, climbed, cruised and navigated miles of arid mountains, jungles, rivers, and unknown trails, in order to begin the documentation and stories of the facially tattooed Chin women of Myanmar.

Resulting in the 228 interviews, photos and video narratives that can be found on this website, in late Dec 2018 and Jan 2019, Robin Brooks and Cassie Drake are heading back Myanmar to record the stories of more of these incredible women that time and history have almost forgotten. This year’s cultural research expedition will comprise of an all female team including local guide & interpreter Honey Soe.