1) Raise awareness and document this vanishing cultural art and traditional way of life.

2) Carry out the first ever census of the remaining living tattooed Chin women in the region as well as villages with families whose previous generation practiced this cultural tradition.

3) Document the stories of receiving their tattoos, identify links to animalistic beliefs, and record what role the tattoos have played in their individual lives as well as their village and tribes.

4) Provide the first detailed map of the villages the tattooed women live in and originated from.

5) Share expedition findings through updates to the broader public through the project website, social media, media updates, The Royal Canadian Geography Society, The Explorers club and other likeminded channels.

6) Translate and pass on expedition findings for future generations of Burmese women.

7) Produce a report, post-expedition, outlining census results, oral narratives, maps, photographs, findings and discoveries.

8) Raise awareness for Myanmar’s vanishing cultures at post-expedition speaking events.

9) Post-expedition fundraising, speaking and media outreach to share expedition findings, auction off photographs and paintings. Sending all funds back to a women’s organization in Myanmar.