The Team

ROBIN BROOKS is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and a Member International  ‘14 of The Explorers Club and has been responsible of itinerary logistics for four Flag expeditions. She is a member of the North American Travel Journalist Association, The Adventure Travel Trade Association and an active supporter of TEDxToronto (whether it’s on their partnership communications team or as a corporate sponsor). A four year volunteer for the Explorers Club, she has helped many Fellows on their expeditions and explorations across the globe from calling in rescue helicopters in Madagascar, exposing drivers as secret police in Turkmenistan and when she’s been told she can’t go somewhere, building the road to get there. The daughter of an extreme shipwreck diver, Brooks directs Marketing and PR for Exodus Travels’ USA and Canada which offers adventures to 100+ countries worldwide.


JESSICA LINDSAY PHILLIPS is a Member International ‘12 of The Explorers Club, Fellow ‘12 of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and past Director of the Billy Jamieson-Niagara Falls Museum Collection, the most remarkable assemblage of rare ethnographic antiquities and curiosity case ephemera in Canada. A trader in tribal cultural artifacts, weaponry and contemporary art, Jessica has scoured Turkish bazaars to Parisian antique markets in pursuit of rare objects. She had a co-starring role on History Channel’s series Treasure Traders, as well as on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) series Four Rooms, where she served as a buyer—accessing and acquiring some of the globe’s most desirable tribal and artistic treasures. Jessica supports the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, and has worked with and donated to exhibitions at the Royal Ontario Museum, TIFF and the Mütter Museum.


CASSIE DRAKE is the newest member of the Fading Bloodlines team, and will be joining the upcoming 2018/2019 trek to Myanmar. Cassie is an avid traveler, having lived in 7 countries and visited over 35, while documenting her adventures via her blog an Architect Abroad. As an architect-turned-digital marketer, Cassie crosses the modern worldwide web realm with that of a tangible design background, bridging the two with a unique perspective and approach. Cassie currently consults as a Digital Strategist for various brands and agencies globally, in which her projects have been featured in Vogue, Lonely Planet, The Every Girl, and many other publications both digital and print.


GEORGE KOUROUNIS is a renowned explorer, global adventurer, photographer and TV personality. George’s TV series, “Angry Planet” has been seen in over 100 countries. George is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club (from which he received their prestigious Stefansson Medal for exploration). He also frequently appears on CNN, BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Science Channel, History Channel, Weather Network and many others. He holds numerous world’s firsts under his belt, including leading a National Geographic expedition to become the first person to ever set foot at the bottom of the Darvaza flaming gas crater in Turkmenistan. More people have stood on the surface of the moon. His stunning photographs of the natural world have been seen in magazines and books around the world. George is also an in-demand public speaker, having given four TEDx talks, and he has addressed the United Nations’ Environmental Emergencies Forum in Oslo.